Through my mind are unanswered questions, like flurries descending from a grey sky… only to land on others left unanswered… left clinging to blades of grass.

What if ?

I had taken education more seriously?

I’d taken more chances with my career?

I’d taken more time savoring the parts of my children’s youth?

I’d taken more time savoring mine?

I had swallowed my pride more?

I’d gotten into the car with them?

I hadn’t been too busy to answer the call?

Certain promises were kept?

Other promises weren’t?

I’d known it would be the last time I would see them?

I had given more?

I’d given less?

I had been there with them instead?

I’d gone fishing more

I’d moved an inch the wrong direction?

I had said the right thing?

I hadn’t said the wrong thing?

I’d known the truth?

I had been honest with them?

I had been honest with myself?

I’d never met them?

I’d met them sooner?


Winter can be so long…