As the holidays come to a close and with tax season just around the corner… I thought now might be a good time for me to take an accounting.  I have no intention of boring you with what little investments I may have or what my finances are.  That might depress me too much.  I’m talking about something different.  Something that I felt I needed to put down into words for my benefit as much as anybody’s.

Too often I’m bogged down and stressed with trying to pay for the things I’ve got… and saving for the things I need and maybe even splurging for the things I don’t need.  It seems two things I’m always short of…  time and money.  I have to stop myself sometimes… almost slapping myself in the face and telling myself to just chill.  After all, I’m already a multi-millionaire.  Sometimes I make it harder than need be to prioritize things in my life.  I should just relax and enjoy my wealth.


Maybe you’re rich also.  You may even be wealthier than me… although that’s debatable.   If you’re doubting me already… let me prove you wrong.  Let’s take a quick accounting together.  Okay?


I’ll offer you $500,000 for your legs.  I’ll kick in another $500,000 for both of your arms as well.  A nice clean surgery that will allow you to live a financially comfortable life… minus the use of your arms and legs.  Already we’re up to $1,000,000.  That was easier than you thought huh?  I’m guessing that you’re keeping your body parts.  There are paralyzed people that would pay ten times that amount just to walk again.


What about your sight?  What about your hearing?  Another million if you’ll give those up as well.  My wife is deaf.  I’m willing to bet she’ll finance $500,000 today if she could buy your ability to hear.  My guess is… your keeping those as well… right?  Well we’re already up to $2,000,000.  Wow… you’re richer than you thought… huh?

So why is it so hard for us to keep our priorities straight?  I’m guilty too… trust me.  That’s why I said I have to slap myself sometimes and take an accounting.  Money and things seem to be the key to happiness, when in fact they are just a filler for the things that really matter.  Still not convinced?  Give me one more shot at it then.  Stay with me.

You’re on a cliff on one side of a huge gorge.  I’m on another cliff across from you.  There is a tightrope connecting us.  I’m about to make you a couple offers.  No safety harness, no nets… just you and the arms and legs you didn’t sell me earlier.  Ready?


I’ll offer you $1000 to shimmy across the rope and make it to the my side of the gorge.  Are you gonna take it?  Of course you may consider it… but is $1000 worth your life?  Unless you’re a circus tightrope walker… of course it’s not.

Now there’s a tropical storm strength wind… and the rope is swaying heavily.  The wind gusts are blowing a stinging rain into your face.  The rope is saturated and very slippery. The odds of you making it to the other side are extremely slim.  It’s a very long distance to the other side.  I’ll offer you $1,000,000 to cross over.  Gonna take it?

The weather conditions are the same now.  Strong winds, pounding rain and poor visibility.  Only this time… there’s no money involved.  If you don’t get over to my side right now… I’m going to drop the people who are most important to you right off the side of the cliff.  Your spouse, significant other, your kids… your siblings, parents and friends.  They’re all tied together and on the edge.  Something tells me you’re already on your way here.  This is what we call priorities.  Easy to figure out… yet we make it hard.

Some people live in the past.  Yesterday… all my troubles seemed so far away.  Then there are those who live for tomorrow.  Tomorrow… tomorrow… I’ll love you tomorrow… you’re only a day away.  

This was me slapping myself in the face once more.  I’m telling myself, “Enjoy today… and the riches you have today“.

Happy New Year